PitchPrint on 3DCart

3DCart is a cloud based hosted shopping eCommerce framework similar to Shopify, with a stern focus on SEO and conversion.

PitchPrint is now available on 3DCart and can be installed with one-click from this link: https://apps.3dcart.com/pitchprint-product-customizer.html

Installation is seamless. Using the above link, click the green Install App Button and provide your secure store URL in the loaded page and proceed.

This system will install PitchPrint and you will receive the login details in your 3DCart Admin email address.

You will need to get acquainted with PitchPrint after installing it. Here's a detailed documentation that explains all about using the system.

Getting Started with PitchPrint

  • Basically you want to start by creating design templates. You can do this by creating from scratch or importing from our design store: https://admin.pitchprint.io/designs
  • Assign Designs to Products. You can do this in your Products page in PitchPrint Admin: https://admin.pitchprint.io/products This is the process of linking a design template to your products.

    For example, you want to assign a Business Card design to a Business Card product you sell on your 3DCart store. To assign a Design, simply mouse over the product and the Drop down should appear for you to pick a design.
  • Once you have assigned a design to a product, you can create a test order by navigating to that product page on your store. You should find the Customize Product button. Clicking it should launch the editor with your assigned design template. If you can't find this, please reach out to us.
  • After creating your test order, you can download the Print ready PDF File from the orders page: https://admin.pitchprint.io/orders Here, you can also load the project if you need to modify it and generate the PDF File for printing.

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