What is PitchPrint?

Start here to know more about the product

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Installation guide

Useful guides on how to install this beautiful app on your store

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Sample Solutions

Some exciting market scenarios where PitchPrint is used

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Admin Guide

Guides you on how to use the PitchPrint Admin to create your perfect designs

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Tips 'n Tricks

Nifty guides on how you can tweak PitchPrint to your very own taste

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Using Modules

Modules extend PitchPrint's functionalities to achieve more features

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Developer Hub

Integrating PitchPrint

If you want to integrate PitchPrint to your custom site or cart system, start here

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Designer API

This enumerates all the options, properties, methods and events available in the app

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Runtime API

The Runtime API is used by your application to load data from PitchPrint servers.

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