Display Modes

PitchPrint display mode is used to configure how the application should appear in your product page. The 3 display mode options are:

  1. Modal display - Full browser window

  2. Inline display - Appears inside the product page with full width

  3. Mini display - Appears inside the product page with minimal editor

The default display mode is Modal, which shows to occupy the whole browser tab window. The other two, inline and mini will have to appear within an element inside your product page. As such, you will need to specify where it should appear. You do this by providing an element selector from your page in settings. 

An element selector is an identifier on your product page structure that is unique and that can "parent" the PitchPrint app. This value differs from theme to them, so it is best you contact us with your product page URL and we will look for the identifier name and send to you so you can enter it into your  settings page for use.

By default, the display mode option in settings page allows you to set the display mode across the whole store. However, if you do wish to alternate display modes between products, you can set that in the product configuration in your store admin.

So from the same section you get to assign a design to a product, you can assign a different display mode to that product and that display mode will be used for that product alone. For example, this gives a store owner, the ability to use mini display mode for quick to edit products like business cards, while maintaining the full editor for other products that will require more elaborate editing like banners.

Mini Display

The Mini display will show the canvas alone without any UI element. It provides a quick and easy means to customize a product by bringing out the elements in a form close to the add to cart button.

Please note, for an element to appear in the product page edit form, it needs to have a Label, and also have its "Include in Form" switch turned ON.
Also for old users, you may need to recompile your CSS for this to work well. Just navigate to the styling page in PitchPrint Admin and click the save button on

You can see an example of a  Mini displayed product here

You can see an example of an Inline displayed product here

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