Color Palette

A Color Palette is collection of five complementary and contrasting colors that forms a theme. This collection of themes can easily be sampled by clients to pick the one that suits their taste and style.

This also limits the number of colors displayed in the app to five at a time, which helps them make better design decision faster as against battling with indecision as to which color fits what.

How to create your Palette

To get started, you will need to create or import one or more palettes into your store. Navigate here to your admin colors page:

You should find the Color Palettes panel on top, perhaps empty if you have not created any.

To get started quickly, you can import from our sample collection by clicking the Add New Palette button. This should add a new Palette you can then edit the name of the palette as well as edit the 5 default colors.

How to apply a palette to design elements

You can do this as an admin editing a design. Navigate to the design section:

Start by editing or creating a new design. On the top secondary menu, you should find the Palette Mode toggle button as shown below:

This button toggles the design color mode between the regular color collection and palette colors. When turned ON, you will find the current palette displayed next to the button. You can click on the Palette to change it to a different palette.

Once you are in Palette Mode, next is to set your base color, which usually is the background color. So on your background tab, select the color tool and apply either a dark or light background color. To create highly vibrant design, your background will contrast the element colors. So if you pick a dark background, then be ready to apply light colors to your elements and vice versa. Each color on the Palette has an index which is traced across when the theme is changed. So assuming you picked the second color of the palette as your background, when your customers change the palette on the app, the background will change to the corresponding second color of the selected palette. This goes with the elements as well.

After setting your background, you can go ahead and set colors for your elements one by one. For multi-colored shapes, you can assign individual colors to each node as well.

Now try swapping the selected Palette to see how it reflects on your whole design. See what palette appeals and make a note of them, you will need that in the next section. You can save your design.

How to assign Palette resource to your design

From the previous section, we have noted which of the palettes goes well with our design. Next is to assign those palettes to the design and exclude the rest.

In your designs page, click the Configure icon

In the resources tab, turn on Palettes only for colors and select Include:

Next, make a selection of those palettes you have noted to flow well with your design and Save.

Finally, check your product and launch the designer to see. You can view a sample product we have made here:

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