Browser Compatibility

In version 9 we make use of Grid CSS and ES6, therefore our app will not run on browsers that do not support these technologies.

Here is a list of the browsers that we do support:

  • Edge 16 or higher
  • Firefox 52 or higher
  • Chrome 57 or higher
  • Safari 10.1 or higher
  • Opera 44 or higher
  • iOS Safari 10.3 or higher
  • Android browser 67
  • Opera Mobile 46
  • Chrome for Android 70
  • Firefox for Android 63
  • UC Browser for Android 11.8
  • Samsung Internet 6.2 or higher
  • *Please note GOOGLE CHROME needs to be used for PITCHPRINT ADMIN.*
  • Please do not use incognito mode, incognito mode blocks all 3rd party javascript code not embedded in your website, since PitchPrint is a 3rd party plugin that uses javascript it won't run.

We have implemented a warning message in our app which will automatically detect incompatible browsers,
but you may display such a message as well if you wish to incase our message is not clear enough, You can do so by inserting the following code in the custom javascript section on the PitchPrint Admin Settings page:

window.ppBrowserMessage = "You custom no browser support message here.";

or for mobile:

window.ppBrowserMessageMobile = "You custom no browser support message for mobile here."

You may also have this supported list on your FAQ's page.

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