Design Observables

We have developed this module to help with the automation of design selection. The selection is done based on variable options chosen by your customers. For example if you have a variable product that has options "material" & "size", then you can have designs in  a category named glossy a4, matte a4, glossy a3 ,matte a3 etc. Then if your customer chooses options glossy for material and a3 for size, this module will ensure that the editor opens up with the design glossy a3.

To use this module you can follow the steps below:

  1. Create a category that will contain all the variations of designs you want to make available to the product.
  2. When naming the designs, the name will contain the variable option values/names and the order in which you name the designs need to be consistent, for example, if you are going to set material as the first part of the design, then all designs will need material options as the first part of the design name. Also each option in the name should be separated by a space.
  3. Next on the category choose modules and enabled the Design Observables module. Then add the selectors of the variable options that you want the module to observe in order to determine which design to select for the editor to open with. Note that the selectors should be added in the same order in which you named your designs.

  4. Now navigate to the product configuration page on your store and choose the category that you created above and save.

That should be it, test it, if you need any further assistance with the setting up of this module, you may contact our support team.

Here is a demo product that uses the Design Observables module Design Observables Demo Product .

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