How to install PitchPrint on WIX

Wix provides customizable website templates and a drag-and-drop HTML5 website builder that includes apps, graphics, image galleries, fonts, vectors, animations and other options. Users may also opt to create their web sites from scratch.

NB: Please disable cookie applications on your site, if cookies are enabled PitchPrint will not run until the customer accepts all cookies.

1. Navigate to this link to view PitchPrint on Wix App Market:

2. Clicking on this link will take you to a page where you will have the option to either register a new Wix account or alternatively login to your existing one.

3. Once you have completed the login or registration process, click on this link ---> so as to find us easily on the Wix App market. Click on the add to site button shown on the screen below:

4. Once the installation is completed, launch the PitchPrint Admin login page.

5. Please use the login details sent to your email address. The same login details you used to register for Wix. 

6. Now PitchPrint is a product customizer for your store. So in order to use PitchPrint, you first need to create a product on your WIX store, which will be customized by your customer. For instance, a Frame, Takeaway Cup, Gift Bag etc. So next, you can go ahead and create a product in Wix. In the Wix store, go to the Collections tab in your site's dashboard. Click Add Product and then save.

7. Next, we need to assign a PitchPrint design to that product. So, Launch the PitchPrint Admin Portal again and Navigate to the Products Page.

8. In the Products page, hover over any of the products you wish to assign a design to and you will find the option to be able to do so there. Select Assign a Design, a drop down will open with a list of your available designs on your account then select the desired design. If you enable Required the customer will not be able to Add the item to the Cart until they successfully complete a design using PitchPrint. 

9. You can check the product on your store and you add notes and customize your design

10. Once you've finalized customizing your product, add it to cart and complete the order. 

11. To download the PDF associated with each Wix order, you will find the Orders using this link ---> in your PitchPrint Admin. There you can download the print files associated with each order. 

12. You can always reach out to use via email or live chat, should you encounter any issues or need some support.

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