How to Install PitchPrint on EKM

EKM is a popular e-commerce solution rated the highest platform to create an online shop. EKM online shops are unique because they are always evolving and getting better to ensure you sell more. A platform ensuring tomorrow is always better than yesterday.

1. Navigate to this link to view PitchPrint on EKM App Store:

2. Clicking on this link will take you to the a page where you have the option to either register a new EKM account or login to your existing one.

3. Once you complete the login or registration, click on this link: Install PitchPrint on EKM Platform and install PitchPrint.

4. The below image will appear as the app needs to be authenticated. Click on the allow button.

5. Launch the PitchPrint Admin login page

6. Your login details has been sent to your email address. The one you used to register for EKM.

7. In the EKM store on the top panel click on design. Select edit and click on inject custom code.

Copy the script <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>. Assure that the script is placed 'Before </body> Code'.
Paste the script and save.
8. PitchPrint is a product customizer for your store. So, to use PitchPrint, you first need to create a product on your EKM store, which will be customized by your customer. For instance, a Business Card, Banner, T-shirt etc. So next, you can go ahead and create a product in EKM.

In the EKM store on the top panel click on shop and click on the add product button.

9. Next, we need to assign a PitchPrint design to that product. So, Launch the PitchPrint Admin Portal again and Navigate to the Products Page.

10. In the Products page, hover over any of the products you wish to assign a design and you will find the option to assign a design to it. 

11. You can check the product on your store and you should find the Customize this Design button as shown below, click it to launch the editor.

12. Once you've finished customizing, add it to cart and complete the order.

13. To download the PDF associated with each EKM order, you will find the Orders link in your PitchPrint Admin. There you can download the print files associated with each order.

14. You can always reach out to us via email or chat, should you have any issues.

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