Variable Data Module

The Variable Data module allows your customers to create multiple units of a customized design from a data source such as an Excel or a CSV file.

When the design is customized, the number of items equals the rows in the uploaded data file and they have the ability to select and assign items like text or images to different their appropriate data column from the uploaded file.

Please note, this is a Premium Module and only available to Premium subscribers.

How to Enable Variable Data on a Design

To enable this feature, navigate to your  designs page, simply click the Configure button on the design you like to assign this to. Then navigate to the Modules Tab. There you will find the Variable Data module. Click to Enable it and submit the form.

Once enabled, the feature is available on the design app. It creates a tab with two options. One for manually adding records, the other for uploading a CSV file that contains data records.

Now when a design is submitted with variable data, the system automatically re-calculates the  QUANTITY value of the product to the number of rows in the uploaded data file as well as creates appropriate number of PDF pages corresponding to the data rows. The previews only generates a few pages to prevent having hundreds of preview images on the browser.

Lastly, in the object data passed down to the saved function, a “records” value is passed which states the number of data rows in the uploaded file. This can be used for other purposes like updating other custom modules.

For Variable Data form to display, it is required that at least one item in the design should have its Include In Form option enabled

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