Variable Data Module

Variable data enables your customer to mass-customise a design by uploading a data sources such as Excel or CSV files.

When the design is customized, the number of items equals the number of records that have been manually created or uploaded by the customer.

When an upload is made, data columns can then be linked up with corresponding elements on the design

Please note, this is a Premium Module and it is only available to Premium subscribers.

How to Enable Variable Data on a Design

To enable this feature, navigate to your  designs page, simply click the Configure button on the design you like to assign this to. Then navigate to the Modules Tab. There you will find the Variable Data module. Click to Enable it and submit the form.

Once enabled, the feature is available on the design app. It creates a tab with the button shown below please click the button to upload your CSV or Excel File as shown below.

After clicking the button you will see the pop up below to upload your file, click the select file button to upload your file.

Now when a design is submitted with variable data, the PDF file will contain pages that correspond to the number of records contained in the uploaded file. The previews only generates the current page you're on to prevent having hundreds of preview images on the browser. If you would like to update the QUANTITY based on the number of records in your file you can do so by using our Page Count Module alongside the variable data module.

Lastly, in the object data passed down to the saved function, a “records” value is passed which states the number of data records the design contains. This can be used for other purposes like updating other custom modules.

See demo:


For Variable Data form to display, it is required that at least one item in the design should have its Include In Form option enabled

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