HelpTip Bubbles

PitchPrint application has an inbuilt help-tip bubble that shows on certain UI elements when users mouse over them. An example is on the Submit button:

You can add this to your UI elements by following these steps:

  1. Log unto the layout section: ttps://
  2. Select your layout and search for the element you want the help-tip to appear on.
  3. Add the following html attribute to that element: 
    data-tip="Sample Tip Message" anchor="b"
  4. Save the layout and load your product page, mouse over the element and see it appears.
  5. data-tip attribute is the message that will appear.
  6. The anchor is set to b. You can set it to l = left, t = top, b = bottom, r = right. It simply defines the orientation of the help-tip.

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