Integrating Canvas Adjuster To An OpenCart Store

To integrate the Canvas Adjuster module into your OpenCart store, you need to first enable the module on your design. If you have not done that, click this link to read on how to enable and configure the Canvas Adjuster module on your design. Once you have the module showing on the product, then we can proceed to integrate it into OpenCart and then set the pricing variations based on the canvas size selected by the customer.

For integrating the Canvas Adjuster to any store to update price variations, we have adopted two different models from which you will pick one based on the kind of product and pricing you choose to offer your customers. The first is preset values, where the canvas sizes are fixed and as such, the pricing for a particular dimension is also set. The second is custom values whereby your customers get to input in their values and we use the width and height to calculate the canvas area and plot from a range, where the price fill fall within. So for instance if your customer wants a 20 by 12 inches banner, that will be 2400 square inches. You can create ranges like 1000 – 2000, 2001 – 3000, 3001 – 4000 and of course the value will fit into the second pricing option.

Now let us set up our options to do the price adjustments by following these steps:

  1. In your OpenCart Admin, navigate to Catalog -> Options
  2. Click on the + sign to add a new Option to the store.
  3. This will open the options configuration page as shown below. For the option name, provide “ppCanvasAdjustment” and for type, use “Select”

  4. Click to add an Option Value. We will start with the preset values model. So enter in the exact preset options you have created in your Canvas Adjuster module, joining width and height with an “x”. So for width: 200, height:120, the Option Value name will be “200×120” without spacing. For this to work properly, make sure in your Canvas Adjuster module options, you have deselected “Clients can enter custom values” else if any value that is not exactly as specified in this option shows up, they will not be captured by the system. If you want to allow custom values as well as presets, then use the next model instead.
  5. For the custom values model, we will calculate pricing based on canvas area (width multiplied by height) in ranges. So for the above, 200 width by 120 height, we simply enter in a range that spans and covers certain values. 200 * 120 = 24000. So we will enter in “0-24000” of course there can’t be zero so you can make it “1-24000”. For the next range, that will be say “24001-36000”, then “36001-48000”. Simply use a hyphen to separate the ranges. Kindly note, these are simply examples and it all depends on the rate at which your product pricing changes with print or canvas area and all values are based on the design unit pre-defined in your design.
  6. Ignore the sort order values. You can enter in more option values for other products as you wish as you will still need to assign option values to your products at a later stage. Save your new option
  7. Next, we need to add this option to our product. Navigate to Catalog -> Products and edit the product you have previously assign the design with Canvas Adjuster. Click the Option tab and type in “ppCanvasAdjustment” in the option search box on the left. This should bring up the newly created option. Click to add it.

  8. Set Required to “No”. Click to add as many size option values as you want and adjust the Price, Weight and Points as desired for each. Make sure subtract stock is set to “No” as well as quantity greater than 0. Save the edited product.
  9. That is it! When an order is made, the price is adjusted based on your option values and the canvas setting your customer has selected.

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