Photo Resolution (DPI) Check

DPI Check

The Photo dpi check can be configured in the  settings page as shown below:

And what this basically does is to ensure that uploaded photos are not scaled beyond the required resolution you have set as minimum dpi taking into account the print canvas dimension. It achieves this by applying a maximum scale limit on the image based on the image’s full dimension and the preset dpi value for the store. So users cannot stretch low resolution images beyond their limit in order to achieve the required required minimum dpi for print.

Kindly note, this does not affect the background images at the moment. We hope to extend it to that as well as foreground images too.

For clickable mask images, a notification message appears informing users if the image is of low resolution:

There are two ways to define this parameter: On  individual design or  domain-settings wide.
The domain-settings come into effect only if the DPI check option on the design is turned off.

Mask photo constraints.

In this update, we also added a constraint function to the images inside a mask so users do not inadvertently leave gaps or areas where the mask area is not totally covered. This affects moving images as well as scaling them so that when photos are moved, they remain within the full bound of the mask shape.

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