Managing your Domains

A domain on this App refers to a single instance of PitchPrint resource group. This is identified by a unique APIKey which is generated once the domain is created.

Each domain has its own set of default resources assigned during creation like colors, images, backgrounds, fonts etc and these can be edited per that domain.

How to create a new domain

To create a new domain, click the Add a New domain button on the top right corner of the domain page. A pop up will show like this:

Type in your domain name and click the Submit button. A new domain will be created for you and should be ready for use in few minutes.

Please note, a domain title is just a label. It is just an identifier used to easily identify a resource group. So it can even be or anything for that matter. What is unique is the APIKey that is generated along that resource group.

Switching between domains

Every action or resource you edit on the admin per session only affects one single domain. So if you have multiple domains and visit the pictures page to add more pictures or delete some, those actions only affect the current domain.

You can view the current domain on the top right corner of the screen and use that drop down to change current domain you are working on to another. This automatically reloads the browser window and returns you to the page you were working on.

So if you made a change last week and perhaps was wondering where it all went today, perhaps you have created multiple domains and are working on a different one, so please check to confirm you are on the right domain.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I rename my domain? Yes, absolutely and it will not affect your site in any manner at all. Remember, what is important is the unique APIKey
  2. I deleted my domain, can I retrieve it back? Yes, just send us a message and we will be glad to revert your changes
  3. Can I use one domain on multiple sites? Yes you can. Just remember, all those sites will have the same set of resources since they reference the same APIKey.
  4. Must the domain name be the same as my site's name? No, domain name here is just a label, so it can be anything.

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