Error Fix: web2print options missing in OpenCart Admin

If you happen to type in web2print in the OpenCart option and it only shows required, this is most probably a vqmod issue stated here:

This issue prevents vqmod from creating template files so if you check the directory /vqmod/vqcache/, you most probably will only find files with .php and no .tpl


  1. FTP into your installation and open the file vqmod/xml/vqmod_opencart.xml
  2. Replace the whole file node with the following code:
  3.     <file name="system/startup.php,system/engine/*.php,system/library/*.php,admin/controller/extension/*.php,system/library/template/*.php">
            <operation error="skip" info="For non OCMod includes/requires">
                <search position="replace" regex="true"><![CDATA[~(require|include)(_once)?\((?!modification\()([^)]+)~]]> </search>
                <add><![CDATA[$1$2(\\VQMod::modCheck($3)]]> </add>
            <operation error="skip" info="For OCMod includes/requires - OPERATION MUST BE AFTER NON OCMOD INCLUDES/REQUIRES OPERATION">
                <search position="replace" regex="true"><![CDATA[~(require|include)(_once)?\(modification\(([^)]+)~]]> </search>
                <add><![CDATA[$1$2(\\VQMod::modCheck(modification($3), $3]]> </add>
  4. Navigate to /vqmod/vqcache and delete all the files in that folder. Don't worry they are simply cached files
  5. Refresh your admin product page and try again. The web2print option should now appear and if it doesn't, please send us a mail.

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