How to create templates using SVG shapes

From this article you will learn how to create a design template using an SVG shape.

[Lets use a cellphone case as example.]

Part 1: Creating the SVG

1. You will need to design the shape on the phone cover, as seen below: 

2. Now you can save this design as an SVG - (

Part 2: Creating the design template on PitchPrint

1. Select/create a category for your design and then click on New Design

2. Next you will have to give the design a name and then click SUBMIT:

3. Now you need to set up your canvas:

4. Now you can upload your SVG onto PitchPrint, Once its upload you can just click on it and it will appear on your canvas:

NOTE: By selecting the SVG on the canvas you can check the sizing and setting in the sidebar.

5. The last two things you will need to do: is to put Transform Lock on (so that the client can't move the shape) and to put Clickable Image Mask on (Now your client can insert their design into the shape)

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