How to enable Pixabay image search

  1. Pixabay is an image library with a great collection of free images. They also allow external sites to search through their collection and as such, we have integrated PitchPrint with their service such that your customers can easily search for images within the app and use them freely in their designs.
  2. To get started, it is required that each site that wants to use Pixabay's service generated its own unique APIKey. So to get started, first register on Pixabay using this link:
  3. Once registered, Navigate to the docs page and there you will find your APIKey:
  4. Next, copy that key and navigate to PitchPrint settings page: Paste the key in the Pixabay input under Plugins: 

  5. The final step is to get permission from Pixabay for them to activate your key. To do this click on this link: this should popup a window like this: 

In the description message, please type something like this:

"I'd like to use large images from Pixabay for the PitchPrint plugin on my site: ***your website***

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