Photo Print Module

This module allows your customers to easily order print copies of their photos, sourced from their social media accounts or those stored on their computers and mobile devices directly from your online store.

Enabling this module will allow you to create preset sizes and list the paper types uniquely available for printing photos. On startup of the app, your customer will be asked to access either their Computer, Phones, Facebook or Instagram gallery to import the images they'd like to print. With this module, each photo will be supplied with it's own print specifications. Below is the startup window:

Selected photos will populate the user gallery on the left panel from where they can click each, to select for print. Once the customer has added a photo, they will see the following pop-up:

This dialog allows them to set the Quantity, Size and Paper type per photo.

Please note, this is a Premium Module and only available to Premium subscribers.

How to Enable Photo Print for a Design:

To enable this module, navigate to your  Designs Page and create a blank design with a title in a category of your choice. The design can have just a single blank page. This will eventually be removed.

Once you have saved the design, find it in the list, mouse over it and click the Configure Icon as shown: 

This should pop up the panel shown below. Navigate to the Modules Tab, there you will find the Photo Print module, Click to enable it.

Now you can give it a title, and choose the measuring unit you'd prefer. Next click the Add a Size button, you can add as many sizes as you require.

Lastly click the Add a Paper Type button to add the types of printing paper you have.

Click the Save button.

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