PitchPrint For Shopify.. Getting Started

PitchPrint for Shopify allows your site visitors to customize products on your site to their taste and needs right from your website.

So business cards, TShirts, Mugs, Letter Heads etc can be customized by your customers to their look and feel before adding to cart.

To get started, you need to first first create your Shopify Store. If you have not, you can do that freely on www.shopify.com and afterwards, login to your Shopify store’s admin and then go to Apps. In apps, search for “PitchPrint”. Then install the PitchPrint app.

After installing, it will take you to the Dashboard page which looks like this:

In the Dashboard page, click the designs link.

In the Designs page, you get to create custom designs that you can assign to your products. This makes it easy for your customers to get started as against starting a new design afresh. Alternatively, you can import designs into a category from our designs stores by clicking the Mode Options on the top right corner of the category.

Once you have created or imported your designs, you need to assign them to your products. So first, you need to have products in your Shopify store. Then click the “Products” link on the top right corner as shown:

To assign your design to a product, simply mouse over the product and you will see two options: Upload and Assign Design.

Upload allows your customers to upload their existing designs rather than modify yours. This is a toggle button.

Assign design allows you to assign a design to the product. You can also assign categories to the products so that your customers can pick from a whole design category as against a single design. Once you have assigned a design to the product or enabled uploads, check your product page, you should find the Customize Now or Upload button there.

You can administer other parts of the PitchPrint module using the Manage menu as shown:

After assigning a design to your product, go ahead and test this out in the front store. You should find a “Customize this design” button as shown:

Once an order is placed with a custom design, you can always download the designs and uploaded files by going to the top right corner and clicking the context menu -> Download PitchPrint Files:

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