How to install PitchPrint on BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a robust ecommerce platform designed for scale and performance. PitchPrint has now been integrated as an app in BigCommerce so your customers can easily customize their orders with ease. Follow these steps to install PitchPrint on your BigCommerce store.

  1. Navigate to this link to view PitchPrint on BigCommerce App Store:
  2. Clicking on the Get This App button will take you to the a page where you have the option to either register a new BigCommerce account or login to your existing one:
  3. Once you complete the login or registration, the browser will display the PitchPrint installation page. If it doesn't, simply click on the link above again, after you have logged in.
  4. Clicking the blue Install button will commence the installation and at the end, Launch the PitchPrint Admin login page
  5. Your login details has been sent to your email address. The one you used to register for BigCommerce. Get it from there and log in.
  6. PitchPrint is a product customizer for your store. So, to use PitchPrint, you first need to create a product on your BigCommerce store, which will be customized by your customer.
    For instance, a Business Card, Banner, TShirt etc. So next, you can go ahead and create a product in BigCommerce. In the Admin Panel on the left, you will see the Products section, click it then click the Add Button to create a product.
    For expediency, you can use the default Products that came installed with your BigCommerce account and just skip to the next step.
  7. Next, we need to assign a PitchPrint design to that product. So, Launch the PitchPrint Admin Portal again and Navigate to the Products Page.
  8. In the Products page, hover over any of the products you wish to assign a design and you will find the option to assign a design to it. Select the default design (Lines) and that's all.
  9. Good work. Now you can check the product on your store and you should find the Customize this Design button as shown below, click it to launch the editor.
  10. Once you've finished customizing, add it to cart and complete the order.
  11. To download the PDF associated with each BigCommerce order, you will find the an Orders link in your PitchPrint Admin. There you can download the print files associated with each order.
  12. You can always reach out to use via email or chat, should you have any issues. 

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